Wednesday, January 30, 2008

#2 of my 23 Things

Library 2.0:

I happen to like Sarah Houghton’s (LiB) definition of L2:

“Library 2.0 simply means making your library’s space (virtual and physical) more interactive, collaborative, and driven by community needs. Examples of where to start include blogs, gaming nights for teens, and collaborative photo sites. The basic drive is to get people back into the library by making the library relevant to what they want and need in their daily lives…to make the library a destination and not an afterthought.” (

Like John, I do think that it oversimplifies or just ignores some of the more far-reaching effects of L2, but it does a good job of giving examples of what exactly L2 can mean in a library today. The nice thing about L2 is that even smaller, less monied systems and libraries can get involved through some of the free online applications (Flickr, Blogger, etc.). And those libraries often benefit from their participation...I'm thinking in particular of small libraries without tech staffers that use Blogger to create a library website. It's win-win!

I am also kind of entertained by the equation from Library Technology Reports' "The Ongoing Web Revolution."

Library 2.0 = (books 'n stuff + people + radical trust)
X participation^

If nothing else, it is a kind of fun way of looking at L2, though slightly vague and easily misunderstood by anyone unfamiliar with L2. I also love that this article mentioned HCL's BookSpace. Perhaps it is because I worked for HCL when BookSpace launched, but I love, love, love that feature! And I send people to it TO THIS DAY...even though I don't work there anymore!

I guess on a personal level I have to say that I love the bits and pieces that make up L2. Unfortunately, I have slacked off considerable in my use of them outside the workplace, as I let go of my internet access at home. Oh the horrors! Thankfully, my library system is starting to use Flickr, Blogger, and certain other technologies that can feed my need for Web/Library 2.0 technologies...and I even get paid for it! :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

#1 of my 23 Things

Blogging...oh how I love to blog! I've had two blogs in previous lives. One was a personal blog that has long since been deleted, and the other is still floating around in cyberspace (http://brillliantbooksfabulousreads.blogspot. com) but has not been edited since I stopped paying for internet service at my apartment. Sad but true.

This time around, doing the avatar was a new experience. I have uploaded pictures, but I never took the time to do an avatar. That was actually pretty fun, although I had some problems getting it to export into Blogger and eventually just saved it to my desktop and uploaded it from there. I'm sure I was just doing something a bit wrong, but I just got frustrated and decided to bypass the whole exporting bit. As long as the picture shows up, I'm good to go.